The New Female Viagra in 2018

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brand new pink female viagra pills for women in 2016/2015 - do they work?Will the Brand new Viagra Really Work for Women?

Up to 27% of US women suffer from some level of sexual problems (such as absence of sexual desire), both physical and psychological.

Till this time, there was not a single pill to help women overcome these problems in bed.

Unlike women, men have at least 7 different options for treating Erectile Dysfunction. Viagra, which came out in 1998, is the most famous one.


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For the first time in history, this situation has changed. Now our women (the top weight loss pills that work fast for women 2016) have a medical option to change their sexual lives to the better, do they?

This late summer, the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S.) approved the libido drug enhancement ‘Flibanserin’.

After years of battle between Sprout Pharmaceutics and the American authorities, the so called “Female Viagra” will finally be available for the broad female public, which has been ‘craving’ for such a pill for years by now.

Sprout Pharmaceutics tried to get the approval back in 2010 and 2013 but the FDA considered the drug to be meagerly tested and possible too dangerous for the small benefits it provided.

This “New Female Viagra” (see also: best generic viagra online canada) commercialized under the market name Addyi, has created a fierce battle between the advocated of the drug and the non-believers who see it only like a tool for enrichment for the big corporations in their attempt to exploit people’s fears and problems.

Anyway, the way in which this new ‘miracle drug’ is going to work for the millions of troubled women is still foggy, but the idea is that Flibanserin is going to enhance their sexual desire and libido by interacting with neurotransmitters in the woman’s brain in order to increase the desire for sex.

Even if it’s called generically “Female Viagra” there is a big difference between Flibanserin and the classic Viagra (Sildenafil citrate).

Viagra is used by men who can’t get an erection and it’s taken right before the sexual act.

Flibanserin cannot be taken as needed by the women want to see any improvement in their sexual lives. The female pill is supposed to be taken on a daily basis and for a long time…similarly to birth control pills.

And regarding the fact that this drug works with neurotransmitters, it takes time to get an effect like in the case of people with neurologic problems.

The brain needs time to adapt to the drug and then you get the desired results.

More specifically:

Flibanserin has the role of down regulating the production of serotonin which in its turn is supposed to help release other neurotransmitters such as dopamine that is directly responsible with boosting sexual desire.

Fred Berlin, who is the director of the Sexual Consultation Unit at Johns Hopkins College of Medicine, said that the effects of Flibanserin seem to be mediocre at best and that women should not overstate the potential effects of the new Female Viagra.

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The Numbers

The tests have shown a meager increase of sexual satisfaction for the women who took the drug every day.

The test subjects who took Flibanserin on a daily basis had between 0.5 and 1 more satisfying sexual experiences during one month, which isn’t that much after all and from here it comes the skepticism.

Other test conducted in the U.S. by the clinical investigator Sheryl Kingsberg shows a difference of 10% improvement between women who took Flibanserin and women who took sugar pills over a period of 28 days.

Analyzing these results, the FDA concluded that Addyi was the first developed drug meant to increase desire in women.


Something that is a mystery at this moment, is the price the “New Female Viagra” will have on the market and the previsions say it’s gonna be pretty high like in the case of actual Viagra from Pfizer.

So, with a monthly co-pay of up to $100 it’s interesting to see how many women will be willing to give that money not knowing what they will get in return.


You cannot buy this medication at the moment. It is supposed to appear on the shelves in October this year.

Safety Issues

Another thing that it’s not 100% clear right now is Flibanserin’s capability of being associated with other drugs.

One thing is definite:

The Female Viagra cannot be associated with booze, and while alcohol and sex go hand in hand every once in a while, this might come up as a problem…

Just think of it:

If you have to take the drug every day for a long period of time it means you can’t drink anything and some might not be willing to give one thing over another.

The tests have shown that women who took Flibanserin with alcohol experienced low blood pressure and even signs of fainting.

Because of this, the US FDA required the manufacturer to conduct more tests related to drinking.

Until October this year, when Addyi is supposed to be found on the shelves of drug stores, it’s certain that everything will be in order and the manufacturer of this brand new Female Viagra will inform customers of all the associated risks in order to avoid any unwanted problems.

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For Whom It Will Work

Women should be aware of is the fact that Flibanserin only treats the physical problems.

The ones that are strictly related to the chemistry of the brain and have no effects of counteracting stress elements coming from the outside (such as excess dryness of vagina).

Flibanserin is not an antidepressant, thus it does not have such effects since its purpose is totally different.
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